It was the dark before the dawn. I span in the darkness, an ever growing sense of despair washing over me. There was no one, there was nothing. A flash of light cascaded over me and I watched as matter and energy flew in an ever expanding cloud around me, I watched as it quickly moved in front of my quick eyes. The matter was shaped into lands, which fell into multiple sheets, dimensions shaped by the extreme excess of energy. I watched as The Planes were formed, with their intricacies and as magic was created through a synergy of both matter and energy. I watched a universe be born and I watched it take shape, be shaped. I was not the lone witness to this creation. As this massive event came to a close, the other figure turned to me; it was a face I recognized then, but cannot remember now. He was the last thing I saw before I awoke.

I was lying in my bed, the scent of burnt components strong in the air. I arose with a groan and walked to my desk at the other side of my stone room. Sitting down, I clear the pages from my desk and pull a book from a secret drawer. I book you now read, The Extended Journal of Graff Goregear. Detailed within these pages is the history of the whole known world, as I experienced it, as well as an appendices of important things which you may encounter in our travels. Most importantly, though, it contains the story of my adventures, as well as a log of the ones we now share, telling of how I turned from the man of Graff Goregear into the gnome you know as Gerbo Garrick Sparklegem. This is my knowledge, now it is yours as well.

Final Hour